About us

Clifton EMAG Ltd

Clifton EMAG Ltd is a non-profit company specialising in Tracking and Assessment solutions for 0-11 year olds covering EYFS, FS, KS1 and KS2 assessment. Our software is currently used in hundreds of schools UK-wide. Interest in our systems and services continues to spread via positive word of mouth and referrals from existing users.

Our Product Goals

Our products are designed around the ethos of "put a little in, get a lot out". Our main aims are:

  • To provide detailed and intuitive tracking solutions, enabling schools to spend less time number crunching and more time acting on their data.
  • To provide schools with the tools necessary to inform their strategies around progression and attainment.
  • To enable schools to easily focus on important factors such as vulnerable groups, interventions and the effectiveness of initiatives.
  • To enable schools to quickly highlight and act upon areas of concern.
  • To simplify reporting, analysis and accountability in assessment.

The Origins of Clifton EMAG Ltd

Based in the Clifton area of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, we were originally part of The Clifton Partnership Learning Community. This was made up of the nine schools that feed into Clifton: A Community Arts School. The Learning Community has developed out of the Education Action Zone which served the same schools since April 2000.

The Learning Community provides additional support to its schools to raise attainment, achievement, attendance and aspiration for all our pupils. The Learning Community aims to build the capacity of all its partner schools to support each other in improving all outcomes for children and families. This is done through working in classrooms, delivering CPD for staff and engaging in community and multi-agency work on behalf of the individual schools.

As part of the Learning Community services, the EAZ MAG Writer system was developed to provide the schools, within the Education Action Zone, with a method of tracking and analysing assessment data in a quick and easy manner. This in turn enabled the schools to evaluate the effectiveness of the many of the services provided by the Learning Community, and to ensure these services targeted the pupils that needed them the most.

The EAZ MAG system was developed to support the schools within the Clifton Learning Community but soon schools in the surrounding area also wanted to make use of the system. The system then spread throughout Rotherham and neighbouring authorities simply by word of mouth.

In 2011 the external funding which initiated and underpinned the work of the Education Action Zone ended. Through a variety of means the Learning Community has managed to retain some central provision to ensure the continued capacity building and brokerage.

To aid the sustainability of the Learning Community we now have our own registered charity, the Clifton Learning Partnership and the EAZ MAG was setup as a limited company to market and supply the EAZ MAG System to other schools. Clifton EMAG Ltd is a non-profit company and any profits that may be made are put back into the Clifton Learning Community that gave rise to the EAZ MAG System. Both are led and managed through a group of Directors drawn from the governing bodies of the partner schools.