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Welcome back everybody!

We hope you've all had a great summer and you're buzzing to start this new school year.

If you need a hand moving your system onto 2022-23 or you want to look at using a different formative / summative setup then please get in touch with us at
Social SuperMarket
Social Supermarket

We just wanted to let you know that through your subscriptions and continued support, we have been able to increase our impact in the local communities that we support. One of these projects was the setting up a social supermarket called 'The Pantry', which is gearing up to support 40 families a week from this month. Last year it was 20 families a week.
SEN Engagement Model

We have added a new section to the system, which embraces the new SEN Engagement Model.

This new observation-based feature has been added to complement the numerous other ways in which our schools can assess and track the progress of their SEN children.

For further details on how you can use this feature, please email us at
Foundation Subjects

Many teachers use the formative and summative aspects of our system to assess their core subjects, eg Maths, but we've found that some don't know that the system covers all of the foundation subjects as well.

If you would like to find out about how you can assess and track Geography, History, RE, PE, Music, etc then please email us at
EYFS Formative Assessment (by Pupil)

By popular demand, we have created an EYFS Formative Assessment (by Pupil) section to allow EYFS practitioners to assess their children on a one by one basis using the new EYFS 2020 frameworks.

If you would like to find out about how you can use this feature then please email us at
Multi-School Trust version

The new 'Multi-School Trust' version not only gives you the ability to analyse your trust/group of schools within one system, but it also provides you with this analysis in real time, so there is no scheduled snapshot or data transfer process to wait for. Simply put, when a class teacher enters an assessment on their system you instantly see it on yours!

If you would like to receive further details on this new version please email us at
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