We need to talk about EYFS
By September 2021, the old EYFS 2014 curriculum will be no more and everybody will have to follow the new EYFS 2020 curriculum.

In an effort to assist our schools and settings, rather than having one fixed method of assessing you will be able to do one of the following:
  • Development Matters across 7 strands / ELG across 17 aspects
  • Development Matters across 17 aspects / ELG across 17 aspects
  • Birth to 5 across 17 aspects / ELG across 17 aspects
  • Your own bespoke framework across 7 strands or 17 aspects / ELG across 17 aspects
Please email us at so that we can help you get ready for September.
Reimagining your KS1 / KS2 Assessment

Do you feel that your current assessment practises are in need of a change?

Whether it's streamlining your formative grids or making them more of a progressive model. Whether it's moving to a simpler Point In Time Assessment (PITA) model or making your system auto-create a summative from your formative. Please get in touch with us at and let our support team help you make your assessment setup the best that it can be.
Birmingham SEN Toolkit

With the continued popularity of the Birmingham SEN Toolkit, we've joined forces with them to enable our schools to utilise their formative / summative SEN content in our EAZ MAG Writer system.

For further details on how you can obtain this toolkit and use it in your EAZ MAG Writer system, please email us at
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