Multi-School Trust version

We have rebranded our 'Learning Community' version to the 'Multi-School Trust' version and have reimagined the whole system from the ground up.

This new 'Multi-School Trust' version not only gives you the ability to analyse your trust/group of schools within one system, but it also provides you with this analysis in real time, so there is no scheduled snapshot or data transfer process to wait for. Simply put, when a class teacher enters an assessment on their system you instantly see it on yours!

If you would like to receive further details on this new version please email us at
MIS > MAG Integration

Over the last few months our development team have been feverishly working with a number of external parties to streamline and automate the process of synchronising pupil information between various School Management Information Systems (MIS) and the EAZ MAG Writer system.

After what has been a lot of fun for all parties, we can confirm that this automated link is now available to our schools.

If you would like to receive further details on this exciting new feature please email us at
Secure Area Account

In an effort to assist all of our schools with looking after their data and to provide a easy to use mechanism for them to send and receive files with us in a secure fashion, we have created a free secure area account system for our schools to use.

To create a secure area account for your school please click here to download our guide or email our support team to send it you.
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