Which Browser?

As there are still a number of web browsers out there, we felt the time was right to advise on which browsers you should look to use for a more hassle free user experience.

Even though Microsoft Edge is part of the latest Windows operating systems, it still lags well behind Google's Chrome web browser and this is why Chrome would currently be our browser of choice when it comes to Windows or Android devices.

When it comes to Apple devices, Safari still seems to be the best option.
EYFS Age Appropriate

Have you seen our new Age Appropriate report in EYFS Statistics?

If you go into Settings > EYFS Framework Setup > Age Related, you can specify the typical development range for each monthly age band and make this new report work within your own development flightpath.

When these Age Appropriate bands have been configured, you can then go to Reports > EYFS Statistics and use this new report to show which children are currently working below, at or above typical development - across all aspects.
QR Codes anyone?

There is a new and exciting feature ready for you to use in Pupils > Specify QR Codes.

In this section you can create special EAZ MAG Writer QR Codes to cut and stick into children's books, so that if you ever need to see how each child is doing you can simply scan the code using a phone or tablet.

Definitely a GDPR winner, as it gives you the instant assessment access without visually disclosing this data in their books.
Multi-School Analysis

Did you know that we have a Learning Community (LC) version of our EAZ MAG Writer system, which allows groups of schools to analyse their data per school and as a whole group / trust?

This LC version is provided free of charge as part of our EAZ MAG Writer subscriptions, so please get in touch if it would be of interest to you.

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