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School Review

This report will summarise outcomes for EYFS Good Level of Development, End of KS1 and End of KS2 data. Further details will be given for current attainment, progress scores and key groups.

Go to: Reports > KS1 - KS2 Statistics > School Review > Current Term > Show Report.

Cohort Review

This report is a modified version of the "School Review". To assist with schools who have to assess half termly, this report will show greater detail.

Go to: Reports > KS1 - KS2 Statistics > Cohort Review > Year Group > Baseline or Previous Summer > Show Report.

GLD (Best Fit)

Do you need to check the number and percentage of pupils on track to reach Good Level of Development? This report will look at your ages related markers for the specified term to determine if pupils are on track.

Go to: Reports > EYFS Statistics > GLD (Best Fit) > Year Group > Term > Select appropriate month > Show Report.

School Attainment (by factor)

This report will give a breakdown of pupils at Age Related Expectations for combined and core subjects for Years 1 to 6 for your chosen factor/group.

Go to: Reports > KS1 - KS2 Statistics > School Attainment (by factor) > Select the Factor > Show Report.

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